formio_flutter 0.9.40
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Flutter Android iOS

A flutter package to let users consume any form created with formIO.js

FormIO.Flutter #

Render any form created with FORMIO.JS on your mobile/web/desktop app with flutter.

To use this please add in your pubspec.yaml #

  formio_flutter: ^0.9.40

for any doubt please check the example folder.

Examples #

Multiple Textfields #

File upload and dynamic conditionals #

Pagination (Wizard) #

Non-Pagination #

Signatures #

Buttons #

Validations of all type of widgets #

Get Data from Form #

To obtain the data from all the hierarchy widget, just do this:

/// This will return a [Map<String, dynamic>] with the respective value of the widget 
/// nested by their key.
parseWidgets(WidgetParserBuilder.widgets) => Map<String, dynamic>


  • [x] Customization of basic widgets: buttons, texts.
  • [x] Customization of click events at any hierarchy level.
  • [x] Customization of signature widget and file widget.
  • [x] Validator of empty signatures.
  • [x] Validator of empty fields.
  • [x] Stream of calculated fields on real-time.
  • [x] Stream of conditional fields on real-time.
  • [x] Parse of font-awesome icons, material icons, and basic icons.
  • [x] Hierarchy constructor of widget.
  • [x] Pagination of widgets when scheme has wizard on it.
  • [x] Added documentation to all the classes used in DART.

Contributing #

All contributions are welcome!

If you like this project then please click on the 🌟 it'll be appreciated or if you wanna add more epic stuff you can submit your pull request and it'll be gladly accepted 🙆‍♂️

or if you have an idea please let me know to my email: