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Annotation for flyme_generator.

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flyme_annotation #

Just for Flutter.

Annotation for flame_generator.

Getting Started #

Properties #

Properties: a property list.

Property #

Property: describe instance's property. And it has three properties:

  • name: property's name.
  • type: property's type.
  • initial: property's initialized value.

How to use #

just see the code:

  Property(name: "name", type: "String", initial: ""),
  Property(name: "age", type: "num", initial: "-1"),
      name: "user",
      type: "User",
      initial: '''User(name: "", age: -1, email: "")'''),
  Property(name: "foo", type: "String"),
  Property(name: "boo", type: "String", initial: "something"),
class TestModel extends _ViewModelProxy {
  void init() {
    print("==== Test init ====");