fly 0.0.3

CLI for building beautiful flutter apps

Fly #

Best Flutter Framework for Beautiful Code and Programming Artisans.

Description #

The purpose of this framework is to encourage organized code, and break files up into their proper function.

This framework can work and be incorporated into any existing project! All you need to do is run the init command in the project directory.

We break up the project into 3 main directories.

  1. Services - contain logic that is used in multiple widgets.
  2. Styles - contains styles that are used in multiple widgets.
  3. Widgets - a directory that contains all the project's widgets

When creating a widget our CLI will automatically create the correct directory structure, break the widget into an organized set of files, and import the correct files needed to run.

It creates 3 files

  1. Style - contains that particular widget's styles
  2. View - contains the view and look of that widget
  3. Widget - contains that particular widget logic.

For Example:

if you create a widget called login


Init #

initilize existing project to work with existing commands

cd to/flutter/project
fly init

creats directories and files for the fly framework


Generate Widget #

Create an additional widget. By default this will create a stateless widget

fly generate widget login


Create a Sateless Widget #

fly generate widget:stateless login


gw: stands for "generate widget", this helps reduce time it takes to type out the full thing.

fly gw:stateless login

Create a Sateful Widget #

fly generate widget:stateful login


fly gw:stateful login