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A Flutter plugin for Mixpanel

flutuate_mixpanel #

A Flutter plugin for Mixpanel.

Getting Started #

First, you must be registered at Mixpanel to use the Mixpanel API. The plugin uses the same concept of method calls used by the Mixpanel Android library.

Configuration #

Add flutuate_mixpanel to pubspec.yaml under the dependencies field.

  flutuate_mixpanel: ^latest_version

Import #

Add the following import in your library :

import 'package:flutuate_mixpanel/flutuate_mixpanel.dart';

Usage #

For you to use the plugin, in your Flutter app, get an instance of Mixpanel plugin:

    MixpanelAPI instance = await MixpanelAPI.getInstance('<your_mixpanel_token');

So after, only call the API methods specified in Mixpanel Android API documentation.

See also the Mixpanel documentation for more informations.

Example #

The sample project has more details on how to use the plugin.