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Flutter Translation Sheet (fts) is a simple tool to help you with localization (l10n), using automatic GoogleSheet translations via (Gtranslate), generating json & dart files.

[1.0.15+31] #

  • preparing release for pub.dev

[1.0.14+30] #

  • fixed fts --version for local development.
  • added global catch() for sheet errors, to provide in the future better hints on the errors and possible solutions.
  • changed some wording on the error messages.
  • made some preparations files for a future init command.
  • custom arb placeholders are STILL broken. Should be revisit asap.

[1.0.14+29] #

  • Fixed the upgrade fts upgrade command.
  • Fix sorting of export file under [dart:output_dir]

[1.0.14+27] #

  • add fts run --watch to keep listening for file system changes in the config file and the directory that holds your master strings (entry_file parent folder).
  • [LangVo.flagChar] to read the flag "emojis" if supported by the system.
  • add default dart exports for [config.dart.output_dir] file.
  • add dart reserved words checking (and replacer) for the master strings tag, when generating TKeys files.

[1.0.13+25] #

  • add dart variable capture from interpolated strings in fts extract.
  • updated README

[1.0.12+23] #

  • fix version check for upgrades
  • added a better template in "example/"
  • force MacOs validation to run Info.plist edition. (Some linux distros have the plutil)
  • code docs.

[1.0.12+22] #

  • fix wrong paths for the sample template.

[1.0.11+21] #

  • change default trconfig.yaml template
  • added SimpleLangPicker Widget to simplify locale change.
  • added [TData.byKeys], [TData.getByKeys()], [TData.byText], [TData.getByText()] to support hot reload on Maps.
  • [TData.byText / TData.getByText()] allows you to Map your keys to your master language String.
  • added [TData.mapLocaleKeysToMasterText()] for the ability to convert keys to master string texts on demand.
  • added [AppLocales.systemLocale] and [AppLocales.systemLocales] utility to retrieve the system locale.

[1.0.10+20] #

  • force absolute paths.

[1.0.9+19] #

  • fix version mismatch.

[1.0.9+18] #

  • README improvements.
  • new arguments inside variables.
  • fixes Locale canonicalization, now uses the Flutter way: en_US instead of en-us
  • fixes Intl generator error when only languageCode_countryCode is defined (without the languageCode only fallback).
  • Much improved RegExp for variable detection in GoogleSheet cells, when GoogleTranslate corrupts the format breaking the generated code.
  • Automatic iOS Info.plist sync with locales (only macos).

[1.0.8+17] #

  • Improved support for arb generation based on intl standards!
  • Fixed error for clearing unused rows when you have more than one worksheet.
  • README improvements.

[1.0.8+16] #

  • Improved support for arb generation based on intl standards!
  • README improvements.

[1.0.7+15] #

  • improved extract with --ext and --permissive options to search for more file types, and allow capturing strings without spaces.
  • new [intl:enabled:true] option in trconfig.yaml to output arb files in lib.
  • other minor improvements. Still need to add docs and test new features.

argParser.addOption('ext', defaultsTo: 'dart', abbr: 'e', help: 'Comma separated list of allowed file extensions types to analyze for strings.'); argParser.addFlag('permissive', abbr: 's', help: 'Toggles permissive mode, capturing strings without spaces in it.');

[1.0.6+15] #

  • small README fixes and formatting files.

[1.0.6+14] #

  • small README fixes.

[1.0.6+13] #

  • added extract command to get find strings in your dart files.
  • added extract docs to README.

[1.0.5+11] #

  • fixed README issues

[1.0.5+10] #

  • changed repo name and package name to flutter_translation_sheet
  • improved README with badges.

[1.0.5] #

  • rebranded to "Flutter Translation Sheet Generator"
  • changed cli program to fts
  • clean docs.
  • added AppLocales.of(locale) to search for LangVo (contains native and english name of the locale).
  • added toString() methods in Keys classes... that returns the keys 'path.' (might be useful to resolve gender, plurals based on the base key string).

[1.0.4] #

  • dynamic string tokens support!! type {{name}}, and define how to transform the output in config.yaml
  • more docs

[1.0.3] #

  • string tokens support!! {{name}}
  • more docs

[1.0.2] #

  • separated the cli in commands: fetch and run
  • more docs

[1.0.1] #

  • Some fixes and better messages for error exceptions.
  • more docs

[1.0.0] #

  • Initial version of trcli.
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Flutter Translation Sheet (fts) is a simple tool to help you with localization (l10n), using automatic GoogleSheet translations via (Gtranslate), generating json & dart files.

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