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StartApp Ads

flutter_startapp #

Note: Currently only Android platform is supported.

Note: AndroidX is required.

Note: only show interstitial and video rewarded ads.

Getting Started #

  1. Initialization

Call Startapp.init(); during app initialization.

 Startapp.init(appId: 'your_app_id', defaultAd: true or false);

2. Request Interstitial Ad and Rewarded Video Ad #

 Interstitial(listener: _listener)..load();

On Class Listener implements AdEventListener

 class Event implements AdEventListener {
  void adClicked() {
    // TODO: implement adClicked

  void adDisplayed() {
    // TODO: implement adDisplayed

  void adHidden() {
    // TODO: implement adHidden

  void adNotDisplayed() {
    // TODO: implement adNotDisplayed

  void onFailedToReceiveAd() {
    // TODO: implement onFailedToReceiveAd

  void onReceiveAd() {

  void onVideoCompleted() {
  // TODO: implement onVideoCompleted

Events #

onReceiveAdCalled in response to an ad request when the request has been successfully filled.
onFailedToReceiveAdCalled in response to an ad request when the request failed to fill.
adDisplayedCalled when the interstitial ad opens.
adNotDisplayedCalled when an ad not open
adClickedCalled when an user click to ad
adHiddenCalled when an ad is close
onVideoCompletedCalled when the rewarded video ends successfully.

Future Work #

Implement for iOS platform, Banner Ads, NativeAds,

More Info #