flutter_location 0.0.6
flutter_location: ^0.0.6

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A new flutter plugin project.

Flutter Location Plugin #

A Flutter plugin to provide native location.

WARN: This plugin was written in swift/kotlin to be able to use it, you should have created the project with:

    flutter create -i swift -a kotlin project_name

Getting Started #

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation. For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.

Add the dependency to your pubspec.yaml file.

  flutter_location: ^0.0.4

For iOS device, add these in lines in the Info.plist file:

<string>This message will be display to the user</string>

For android device, add these in lines in the AndroidManifest.xml file:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION" />

Then import the plugin in your code:

import 'package:flutter_location/flutter_location.dart'; // Plugin
import 'package:flutter_location/permission.dart'; // Return type
import 'package:flutter_location/location.dart'; // Return type

Look into the example for utilisation:

Location _location;
Location _currentLocation;
  void initState() {

  Future<Permission> initPermission() async {
    Permission permission;
    bool isDetermined = false;
    await FlutterLocation.requestPermission;
    while (!isDetermined) {
      permission = await FlutterLocation.permission;
      if (permission == Permission.NOT_DETERMINED) {
        await Future.delayed(_waitForUser);
      } else {
        isDetermined = true;
    return permission;

  void initLocation() async {
    Permission permission;
    permission = await initPermission();
    Location location;
    if (permission == Permission.AUTHORIZED) {
      location = await FlutterLocation.location;
        (location) {
          setState(() => this._currentLocation = location);
    setState(() {
      this._permission = permission;
      this._location = location;

For more examples check out:


FutureGet the level of permission the user has granted to the app (NOT_DETERMINED, DENIED, AUTHORIZED).
FutureGet the location of the user.
StreamGet the stream of the user's location.
FutureShow pop-up to the user to accept or decline permission authorizations. true if the pop-up was shown false if not (only will request once to show the popup)

Model #

Permission: #

  • NOT_DETERMINED: Permission not specified
  • DENIED: The user rejected the authorization
  • AUTHORIZED: The user granted permission to use location

Location { #

  • double latitude
  • double longitude
  • double accuracy, // in iOS horizontal accuracy
  • double altitude
  • double speed