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A flutter widget that provides pull-down refresh and pull-up load.

Change log #

V 2.1.6 #

remove jumpTo when firstRefresh

V 2.1.5 #

Fix:firstRefresh error issues#341
Add: safeArea and padding parameters of Footer issues#332

V 2.1.4 #

Fix:When infinite loading, onLoad cannot be triggered if the list is not full yet issues#377

V 2.1.2 #

Modify: emptyWidget is not displayed when customizing firstRefreshWidget
Remove: Internationalization support
Add: Header and Footer set rebound in case of infinite scroll (overScroll)
Fix: callRefresh in NestedScrollView collapsed issues#172
Fix:Header is not retracted, calling callRefresh again will not trigger refresh issues#313

V 2.1.1 #

Fix: BezierCircleHeader progress bar is occasionally not hidden
Update: TaurusHeader add backgroundColor parameter issues#269
Add: key and EasyRefresh.custom listKey issues#273

V 2.1.0 #

Fix: After using firstRefreshWidget, pull down refresh does not take effect issues#250,issues#256

V 2.0.9 #

Fix: EmptyView size does not change after ScrollView size changes issues#241
Fix: Animation throws exception when dispose issues#233
Fix: Flare animation throws exception issues#245
Add: Header and Footer display independently
Fix: When the list is empty, infinite loading has no effect

V 2.0.8 #

Fix: Compatible with Flutter 1.9 and previous versions

V 2.0.7 #

Fixed: Type error after setting text in classic style issues#217

V 2.0.6 #

Support: Flutter v1.12 and above
Add: Globalization
Fix: success setting to false in case of infinite loading

V 2.0.5 #

Fix: 5 ball cross-border issues#156
Fix: The background color of the ball pulse does not take effect pull#202
Fix: MaterialHeader, animation error after dispose issues#199
Add: Notifier Header and Footer issues#177,issues#186
Add: Custom style support gesture issues#207
Fix: List height is not greater than indicator height, Footer reverse issues#160

V 2.0.4 #

Fix: No delay using setState error
Fix: When the dwell height and the trigger height are the same, the pullback height is fixed issues #149
Fix: Trigger refresh bounce

V 2.0.3 #

Fix: Quick rebound after list refresh or load issues#130
Fix: ClassicalFooter set bgColor is invalid issues#138
Fix: success is not reset when reset state
Fix: When onRefresh is null, empty attempt to report error issue#140
Fix: When no more, the icon still loading issues#137,issues#142

V 2.0.2 #

Optimization: Trigger refresh and load
Optimization: Infinite load trigger
Support: Child is SingleChildScrollView type

V 2.0.1 #

Fix: RefreshCallback naming conflict issue issues#120
Modify: Some styles have no more status
Fix: Height is 0 after infinite loading is completed issues#123,issues#121

V 2.0.0 #

Framework refactoring: modify the refresh loading principle, improve compatibility, and more in line with the Flutter specification
Add: List reverse support
Add: List horizontal support

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A flutter widget that provides pull-down refresh and pull-up load.

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