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AWS Cognito plugin for flutter.

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Flutter Cognito Plugin #

An AWS Cognito plugin for flutter. Supports both iOS and Android.

Installation #

First follow the regular flutter plugin installation on Dart Pub.

Make sure you have built the app once for both Android/iOS before continuing.

Since this plugin uses the native AWS sdk, the installation is a little more involved.

Android #

Add an awsconfiguration.json file to android/app/src/main/res/raw/awsconfiguration.json.

This is what one should look like :-

    "IdentityManager": {
        "Default": {}
    "CredentialsProvider": {
        "CognitoIdentity": {
            "Default": {
                "PoolId": "XX-XXXX-X:XXXXXXXX-XXXX-1234-abcd-1234567890ab",
                "Region": "XX-XXXX-X"
    "CognitoUserPool": {
        "Default": {
            "PoolId": "XX-XXXX-X_abcd1234",
            "AppClientId": "XXXXXXXX",
            "AppClientSecret": "XXXXXXXXX",
            "Region": "XX-XXXX-X"

This plugin supports the amplify SDK for android and iOS, and the the amplify cli can be used to generate the awsconfiguration.json file.

Just do $ amplify init from the android & ios folder of your app.

iOS #

Run $ pod init from the ios folder of your app.

Now, open ios/Podfile. Ensure ios version is set to a minimum of 9.0.

platform :ios, '9.0'

To add the awsconfiguration.json file to iOS module, you will unfortunately, need to open up your project in XCode.

  1. Start Xcode
  2. Click on ‘File > Open’
  3. Select the ios/Runner.xcworkspace file.

Now just drag-drop the awsconfiguration.json file, from android/app/src/main/res/raw/awsconfiguration.json to XCode Runner (Right next to AppDelegate.swift).

Here is a video.

That should create a symlink to the file in the ios module, and bundle it into the final ios app.

This way you won't need to maintain 2 config files.

Usage #

The plugin comes with a showcase app that will let you try all features; see if you setup the awsconfiguration.json correctly.

It's present in the usual example directory

$ git clone https://github.com/pycampers/flutter_cognito_plugin.git
$ cd flutter_cognito_plugin/example
$ flutter run
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AWS Cognito plugin for flutter.

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