face_finder 0.0.1

Flutter Android iOS

Find faces in a live view

Face Finder plugin #

A flutter plugin to display a live camera view, detect faces, and HTTP POST them to a URL.

Requirements #

  • iOS only (all PRs accepted)
  • Front camera: iPhone X or later
  • Back camera: iOS v11+

Usage #

The following draws a camera view overtop of all layers in the app, with the following configuration:

import 'package:face_finder/face_finder.dart';
await FaceFinder.cameraViewer(
	[0, 0, 200, 400], 

Notes #

This is mainly a proof of concept at this point, but I'm submitting it in case it's useful to someone. I couldn't find any example of Swift Flutter plugins that used UIViews, so I thought the code might be helpful for others. If anyone knows how to use textures in Swift, let me know ;)