dtabs 0.0.2+2
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dynamic tabs creation library.

dtabs #

dynamic tabs creation library.


Usage #

Add dtabs to your pubspec.yaml, then import the Dart file:

import 'package:dtabs/dtabs.dart';

declare a controller

TabController tabController;

pass tab names as a string

List<String> tabList = ["Tab 1", "Tab 2", "Tab 3"];

initiate the class and pass required values

  tabController: tabController, // @required
  tabList: tabList, // @required
  currentIndex: 0 // default: 0

See the documentation for API details: https://pub.dartlang.org/documentation/dtabs/latest/.

Contributions #

Contributions are very welcome. I would recommend discussing large changes in an issue before you spend the time on them.

Good quality pull requests will win you commit rights.