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A Draggable Widget Container. Each children is Draggable, Deletable and Fixable.

可以拖动子部件的容器部件 #

A Draggable Widget Container #

可拖动子部件,可删除子部件,可以固定子部件位置 #

Each children is draggable, deletable, fixable. #

截图 / Screenshots #

模式 / Mode #

  • 正常模式 / Normal Mode:

    • 不拦截子部件的手势事件
    • Do not intercept the GestureDetector events of the child widget
    • 不能拖动和删除子部件
    • Can't drag and delete the children widget
  • 编辑模式 / Draggable mode:

    • 长按子部件进入编辑模式
    • Long press the children widget to enter the draggable mode
    • 进入编辑模式后,不再需要长按来拖动子部件,直接拖动就可以了
    • In the draggable mode, do not need to long press to drag the children widget, just drag it.
    • 在可删除子部件上显示删除按钮
    • Show the delete button on the deletable child widget
    • 拦截可拖动可删除的子部件的手势事件
    • Intercept the GestureDetector events of the draggable and deletable child widget
    • 可以拖动和删除子部件
    • Can drag and delete the children widget
    • 返回键 退出编辑模式
    • Press the Back key to exit the draggable mode.

下文的T意味着 T extends DraggableItem All T is mean T extends DraggableItem

  • 事件 / Events

    • onChanged(List<T> items)
      • 当子项目改变时触发(拖动过后,删除后)
      • Trigger when the items changed(dragged, deleted)
    • onDraggableModeChanged(bool mode)
      • mode为true则进入了编辑模式,为false则退出了编辑模式.
      • When mode is true then in the draggable mode. If false it mean exited the draggable mode.
    • Future<bool> onBeforeDelete(int index, T item)
      • 删除item的确认事件,返回true删除,返回false不删除
      • The event for confirm to delete a item, if return true then delete, if false then no action.
  • DraggableContainerState的方法 / The DraggableContainerState methods:

    • Future

      • 添加一个新的槽。
      • Add a new slot.
    • Future

      • 添加多个槽,用对应数量的null填充
      • Add multiple slots and fill with null.
    • Future

      • 移除最后一个槽位,返回对应的item
      • Remove the last slot and return the item.
    • findSlot(Offset position)

      • 根本坐标寻找槽
      • find the slot use Offset position.
    • T getItem(int index)

      • 使用index获取item,空的槽item为null
      • Use index get item, the empty slot's item is null.
    • bool insteadOfIndex(int index, T item, {bool triggerEvent: true, bool force: false})

      • 使用item替换到index的位置
      • Use item to instead of the index position.
    • bool moveTo(int from, int to, {bool triggerEvent: true, bool force: false})

      • 将item从from移动到to
      • Move the item from the 'from' index to the 'to' index.
    • bool removeItem(T item, {bool triggerEvent: true})

      • 根据item删除item
      • Delete item according to item
    • bool removeIndex(int index, {bool triggerEvent: true})

      • 删除index位置的item
      • Delete item from the index position.
    • bool addItem(T item, {bool triggerEvent: true})

      • 添加item,永远添加到第一个null的位置,找不到null则返回false代表添加失败
      • Add item, always add to the first null position, if can't find null, return false it mean to add failure.

Parameters: - bool triggerEvent: - 是否触发onChanged事件 - Trigger the onChanged event or not - bool force: - 如果目标item的deletable为false,则强制覆盖 - Forced override if the target item's deleteable is false

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A Draggable Widget Container. Each children is Draggable, Deletable and Fixable.

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