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DishHQ for flutter #

Dish makes shipping software productive by managing all the hassle of building, shipping and managing software so your team can focus on the core product and forget the hassle. This package is a wrapper for the official DishHQ Rest API Learn more here

Install #

Add this line to your pubspec.yaml:

  dishhq: ^0.0.1

Then run this command:

$ flutter packages get

Then add this import:

import 'package:dishhq/dishhq.dart';

Supported Platforms #

  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Web (Not working due to CORS Issues)

Usage (KVDatabase) #

//Import dish
import 'package:dishhq/dishhq.dart';

// Inside Stateful Widget, Initialize Dish KVDatabase Instance
var db = Dish.database(apiKey: '<YOUR_API_KEY>');

//Use the provided methods in your code

Map res = await db.create(
    key: 'yourkey',
    value: 'yourvalue', 
); //Create Method

Map res = await db.update(
    key: 'yourkey',
    value: 'yourvalue', 
); //Update Method

Map res = await'yourkey'); //Read Method

Map res = await db.delete(key: 'yourkey'); //Delete Method

Each of these functions is a future that once resolved, returns a Map that looks like:
    "success": bool,  (if false => An API Error has definitely occured)
    "message": String? (Usually contains the specific error message) | nullable
    "value": String? (Contains the returned value Read Reqeusts) | nullable
NOTE: If value is null in a read request then check the message property of the response to check for errors
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Build Software. Fast. Magically

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