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Flutter Android iOS

Plugin to get the list of applications installed on the device (Android only) And This is a repair vision.

###statement First, mark the original author of the plug-in´╝îAuthor: Edouard Marquez Uploader

Flutter Device apps repair plugin #

Plugin to get the list of installed applications (iOS is not supported yet).

Getting Started #

First, you have to import the package in your dart files with:

import 'package:device_apps/device_apps.dart';

List of installed applications #

To get the list of the apps installed on the device:

List<Application> apps = await DeviceApps.getInstalledApplications();

You can filter system apps if necessary. Note: The list of apps is not ordered!

Get apps with launch intent #

You can now get only those apps with launch intent by using the following option. Also add includeSystemApps option to get all the apps that have launch intent.

// Returns a list of only those apps that have launch intent
// The main thing is to modify this place.
List<ApplicationWithIcon> apps = await DeviceApps.getInstalledApplications(onlyAppsWithLaunchIntent: true, includeSystemApps: true)

Get an application #

To get a specific app by package name:

Application app = await DeviceApps.getApp('');

Check if an application is installed #

To check if an app is installed (via its package name):

bool isInstalled = await DeviceApps.isAppInstalled('');

Open an application #

To open an application


Displaying app icon #

When calling the getInstalledApplications() or getApp() methods, you can ask for the icon. To display the image, just call:

//uint8list  Type
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Plugin to get the list of applications installed on the device (Android only) And This is a repair vision.

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