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A library for Dart with metadata structures and utilities to access Web APIs and other data sources.

Datatools #

Datatools is a library package for Dart and Flutter mobile developers to help on accessing Web APIs and other data sources.

Key features:

  • Web API client abstraction.
  • Web API client binding to HTTP.
  • Metadata structures to handle links.

Please note that all features and classes are still under heavy development, and not finished yet.

Package #

This is a Dart code package named datatools under the geospatial repository.

This package is at the alpha-stage, breaking changes are possible.

The package is associated with (but not depending on) the geodata package. The datatools package contains non-geospatial Web API data structures and utilities that are extended and utilized by the geodata package to provide client-side access for some geospatial APIs.

Installing #

The package supports Dart null-safety and using it requires the latest SDK from a beta channel. However your package using it doesn't have to be migrated to null-safety yet.

Please see the official null-safety migration guide how to switch to the latest beta release of Dart or Flutter SDKs.

In the pubspec.yaml of your project add the dependency:

  datatools: ^0.4.0-nullsafety.0  

Please note that following dependencies used by datatools are not yet migrated to null-safety or null-safety version is not depended from the datatools package:

Authors #

This project is authored by Navibyte.

More information and other links are available at the geospatial repository from GitHub.

License #

This project is licensed under the "BSD-3-Clause"-style license.

Please see the LICENSE.

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A library for Dart with metadata structures and utilities to access Web APIs and other data sources.

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