dart_coveralls 0.3.0+1

outdated Dart 2 incompatible

Pub package to calculate coverage, format it to LCOV and send it to coveralls

dart-coveralls #

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Calculate coverage of your dart scripts, format it to LCOV and send it to coveralls.io.

Usage #

This package consists of a single command line tool dart_coveralls with the two commands calc, report.

To activate the program for global use, run pub global activate dart_coveralls.

The calc command

This command calculates the coverage of a given package. Use the tool like this:

dart_coveralls calc [--workers, --output, --package-root] test.dart
  • --workers: The number of workers used to parse LCOV information
  • --output: The output file path, if not given stdout
  • --package-root: Where to find packages, that is, "package:..." imports. (defaults to "packages")
  • test.dart: The path of the test file on which coverage will be collected

The report command

This command calculates and then sends the coverage data to coveralls.io. Usage of the tool is as follows:

dart_coveralls report <options> <test file>
  • --help – Displays all options
  • --token –Token for coveralls
  • --workers – Number of workers for parsing (defaults to "1")
  • --package-root Where to find packages, that is, "package:..." imports. (defaults to "packages")
  • --debug Prints debug information
  • --retry Number of retries (defaults to "10")
  • --dry-run If this flag is enabled, data won't be sent to coveralls
  • -C, --throw-on-connectivity-error Should this throw an exception, if the upload to coveralls fails?
  • -E, --throw-on-error Should this throw if an error in the dart_coveralls implementation happens?
  • -T, --exclude-test-files Should test files be included in the coveralls report?
  • -p, --print-json Pretty-print the json that will be sent to coveralls.

Contributing #

Help and Pull Requests are highly appreciated :)