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Blast colorful confetti all over the screen.

Blast some confetti all over the screen and celebrate user achievements!

Demo #

A video walkthrough is available here.

Getting Started #

To use this plugin, add confetti as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

See the example to get started quickly.

To begin you need to instantiate a ConfettiController variable and pass in a Duration argument. The ConfettiController can be instantiated in the initState method and disposed in the dispose method.

In the build method return a ConfettiWidget. The only attribute that is required is the ConfettiController.

Other attributes that can be set are:

  • blastDirection -> a radial value to determine the direction of the particle emission. The default is set to PI (180 degrees). A value of PI will emit to the left of the canvas/screen.
  • emissionFrequency -> should be a value between 0 and 1. The higher the value the higher the likelihood that particles will be emitted on a single frame. Default is set to 0.02 (2% chance)
  • numberOfParticles -> the number of particles to be emitted per emission. Default is set to 10
  • shouldLoop -> determines if the emission will reset after the duration is completed, which will result in continues particles being emitted, and the animation looping
  • maxBlastForce -> will determine the maximum blast force applied to a particle within it's first 5 frames of life. The default maxBlastForce is set to 20
  • minBlastForce -> will determine the minimum blast force applied to a particle within it's first 5 frames of life. The default minBlastForce is set to 5
  • displayTarget -> if true a crosshair will be displayed to show the location of the particle emitter

Enjoy the confetti.

NOTE: Don't be greedy with the number of particles. Too many will result in performance issues. Future versions might be more performant. Use wisely and carefully.