chrome 0.9.31

chrome.dart #

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An library for accessing the Chrome APIs in a packaged app or extension.

Installing #

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  chrome: any

Using the library #

import 'package:chrome/chrome_app.dart' as chrome;

void main() {
  chrome.runtime.getPlatformInfo().then((Map m) {

Also, see the FAQ.

In your pubspec.yaml #

In order to build your app with pub build, you'll need to tell it to select the CSP compliant output of dart2js. To do that, add these lines:

- chrome

to your pubspec.yaml file.

Documentation #

Documentation is available at:

Breaking Changes #

For version 0.5.0, we removed the older chrome.socket API in favor of the new chrome.sockets API. In order to continue using the older API, you can reference it directly via an import:

import 'package:chrome/gen/socket.dart';

Changelog - chrome.dart #

0.9.31 2017-03-30 #

  • bug fixes for the ContextMenu and Runtime libraries

0.9.3 2017-03-27 #

  • updated to M57, with no new APIs

0.9.2 2016-09-22 #

  • updated to M53, with no new APIs

0.9.1 2016-07-01 #

  • updated to M51, adding the following APIs
    • certificateProvider
    • enterprise.deviceAttributes
    • enterprise.platformKeys

0.8.0-dev1 2015-09-15 #

  • updated to M44, adding the following APIs
    • documentScan
    • fileSystemProvider
    • printerProvider
    • vpnProvider
    • networking.config
    • wallpaper

0.7.0-dev1 2015-04-25 #

  • updated the APIs to M41
  • removed scriptBadge api that was dropped in M41
  • removed pusheMessaging api that was dropped in M41 (use gcm instead)

0.6.5 2014-11-06 #

  • fixed an issue with Port.onMessage() and Port.sendMessage()

0.6.4 2014-10-19 #

  • fixed an issue with double loading compiled JavaScript files

0.6.3 2014-08-29 (SDK 1.6.0-dev.9.7 r39537) #

  • removed dependency loop in files_exp.dart and files.dart

0.6.2 2014-08-29 (SDK 1.6.0) #

  • moved a script from bin to tool in order to avoid exposing in in the bin directory

0.6.1 2014-08-28 (SDK 1.6.0) #

  • updated the APIs to M37
  • changed the bootstrap script and the chrome transformer to expect the csp file in foo.dart.js instead of foo.dart.precompiled.js
  • clients must now include the csp parameter to the dart2js transformer: transformers: chrome $dart2js: csp: true

0.6.0 2014-07-01 (SDK 1.5.1 r37644) #

  • Updated the APIs to M35 (current Chrome stable)
  • Added the chrome.bluetoothLowEnergy API
  • Added the chrome.bluetoothSocket API
  • Added the chrome.commands API
  • Added the chrome.hid API

0.5.6 2014-04-29 (SDK 1.4.0-dev.4.0 r35362) #

  • Added speculative performance fix for array performance issue

0.5.5 2014-04-14 (SDK 1.3.0-dev.4.1 r33731) #

  • Make the pub transformer work with the old and new version of barback

0.5.4 2014-03-19 (SDK 1.3.0-dev.4.1 r33731) #

  • Update to latest serial.idl
  • Included overrides for new serial namespace
  • Updated serial unit tests

0.5.3 2014-02-15 (SDK 1.3.0-dev.3.2 r33495) #

  • Fixed an issue with event listeners and Chrome M35+

0.5.2 2014-02-14 (SDK 1.3.0-dev.3.2 r33495) #

  • Updated to use docgen for api documentation
  • Make the window close event sync instead of async
  • Clean up warnings in unit tests
  • Add app/ to script
  • Add a chrome pub transformer
  • Fix an issue w/ the hand-overridden API
  • Use a getter to fetch the JsObject for an API each time it is needed

0.5.1 2014-02-24 (SDK 1.2.0-dev.5.15 r32954) #

  • Added a toString() to the FileError implementation
  • Added ability to override generated code with hand-written methods
  • Implemented window events override for ChromeAppWindow class

0.5.0 2014-02-20 (SDK 1.2.0-dev.5.12 r32844) #

  • Added the new chrome.sockets API
  • The existing chrome.socket API has been removed from the chrome_app.dart library. In order to continue using it, you can reference it directly (import 'package:chrome/gen/socket.dart';)
  • Added chrome.gcm; exposes Google Cloud Messaging
  • Added chrome.signedInDevices
  • Added chrome.wallpaper
  • Added chrome.system.display
  • Added

0.4.3 2014-01-21 (SDK 1.2.0-dev.1.0 r31918) #

  • Fixed bug with entry.metaData.timeStamp

0.4.2 2014-01-18 (SDK 1.1.0-dev.5.11 r31818) #

  • Fix performance issues with converting array buffers to lists

0.4.1 2014-01-16 (SDK 1.1.0-dev.5.11 r31818) #

  • Unscripted updated to >=0.3.0 <0.4.0
  • USB bug found and fixed with naming of _interface in the chrome idl.

0.4.0 2014-01-13 (SDK 1.1.0-dev.5.6 r31661) #

  • Merge from chrome_gen.dart completed
  • All apis are generated from IDL files
  • All unit tests have been updated to work against generated apis
  • Api docs are autogenerated
  • script now runs the tool unit tests

0.3.1 2013-09-17 (SDK r27487) #

  • Auto doc generation and deployment to [API documentation] (
  • Implemented DirectoryEntry.getEntries()
  • Documentation updates, removal of javadoc'isms
  • Refactored unit tests so each test module has a single main() entry point.

0.3.0 2013-09-04 (SDK r26639) #

  • Refactoring of fileSystem library and wrapping of FileEntry
  • Moved execution to local build script
  • Added chrome.syncFileSystem api
  • Removed old dependencies
  • Added chrome.debugger extension api
  • bot_io moved to dev_dependency

0.2.0 2013-08-08 #

  • Support for Chrome extension APIs was added. You should now import one of the following libraries, as appropriate:
    • Packaged apps: import 'package:chrome/app.dart';
    • Extensions: import 'package:chrome/ext.dart';
  • Work on the API including several breaking changes, please refer to the dartdoc for usage.
  • Added identity support and example

0.0.1 2013-05-20 (SDK r22879) #

0.0.0-dev 2012-12-17 (SDK r16207) #

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  chrome: ^0.9.31

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:chrome/chrome_app.dart';
import 'package:chrome/chrome_ext.dart';
import 'package:chrome/transformer.dart';
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