angel_auth 1.0.3

outdated Dart 2 incompatible

A complete authentication plugin for Angel.

angel_auth #

version 1.0.3 build status

A complete authentication plugin for Angel. Inspired by Passport.

Documentation #

Click here.

Supported Strategies #

  • Local (with and without Basic Auth)

Default Authentication Callback #

A frequent use case within SPA's is opening OAuth login endpoints in a separate window. angel_client provides a facility for this, which works perfectly with the default callback provided in this package.

auth.authenticate('facebook', new AngelAuthOptions(callback: confirmPopupAuthentication()));

This renders a simple HTML page that fires the user's JWT as a token event in window.opener. angel_client exposes this as a Stream:

app.authenticateViaPopup('/auth/google').listen((jwt) {
  // Do something with the JWT