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A package provides an easy way to add shimmer effect in Flutter project

This shimmer animation widget can help you bring simple yet beautiful skeleton loaders to your project with ease.

Package for easy use of images that are automatically cacheable and have a beautiful on the fly (but it can be configured) shimmer effect while loading

A Facebook & Twitter Like Card Loading Shimmer Skeleton Library.

Wrap a widget with Foil, providing a rainbow shimmer that twinkles as the accelerometer moves as well as tons of neat gradient features.

A Facebook & Twitter Like Card Loading Shimmer Skeleton Library.

it creating Shimmer effect that indicate a loading status, so instead of using ProgressBar or usual loader use Shimmer for a better design and user interface.

Shimmer animations for flutter

GetWidget is open source library that come with pre-build 1000+ UI components. It makes development faster & more enjoyable. You can customize the component as per your need.

Customizable slider button widget for activating/deactivating some event.

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