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Flutter plugin for Firebase Auth UI. Supports popular auth providers by using native SDK for Android and iOS.

A font loader to download, cache and load web fonts in flutter with support for Firebase Cloud Storage.

Mocks for Google Sign In. Use this package with `firebase_auth_mocks` to write unit tests involving Firebase Authentication.

Firebase ML Kit Language Plugin for Flutter, enables Language Detection and Translation between 59 Languages

Messaging app for Flutter android , iOS and flutter-web using firebase as backend services.

Mocks for Firebase Storage. Use this package to write unit tests involving Firebase Storage.

Plugin to integrate Firebase Native Admob to Flutter application. Both iOS and Android supported

Utility library for the flutter_chat_ui and flutter_firebase_chat_core libraries which contains shared type declarations.

Flutter package for Firebase remote configuration in Mobile and Web. Wraps the Firebase remote config package for mobile and the Firebase package for web.

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