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the best app chat sdk in china, you can chat with the agent freely at anytime. the agent can chat with the visitor by web/pc/mac/ios/android client.

Flutter core package used by Tomas Chyly & Contains common functionality to get started faster & consistently.

ListView which can pull-to-refresh and proceed load-more. Benefit you feel free to process another of work

A fun development kit with flutter

🧾 Flutter widget allowing cache-based data display featuring swipe-to-refresh and an error banner.

Provider prebuilt services and components to help reduce boilerplate code and build a Flutter app as fast and simplest way.

Flutter Widgets that make it easy to implement the ValueBloc for list, table and more.

Bento Support wrapper SDK, used to implement Bento Support widgets for both IOS and Android applications written in flutter.

Z_Components is a package that contains a set of standardized components to facilitate, optimize, and accelerate the development of Zellar company's Android / IOS applications.

Easy pagination for provider based flutter project.

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