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Community implementation of native bindings for Datadog's SDK. Not an official package.

This is [mysql1] help library,This makes mysql easier to use and simple.

Compose and send emails from Dart. Supports file attachments and HTML emails

Flutter Client SDK for LiveKit. Build real-time video and audio into your apps. Supports iOS, Android, and Web.

A library to dynamically generate widgets within Flutter from JSON or other Map-like structures.

Logging appenders for the dart logging package for print, file and remote (logz, loki).

A port of the Firebase database, auth and storage client to pure Dart code, usable on different platforms

A testing framework that allows in app tests to be built and executed in an automated way.

A simple Stripe API wrapper, that is meant to be used on the server.

Couchbase Lite is an embedded, NoSQL JSON Document Style database, supporting Blobs, Encryption, N1QL Queries, Live Queries, Full-Text Search and Data Sync.

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