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Jaguar is a production ready HTTP server framework built for speed, simplicity and extensiblity

Generator for FFI bindings, using LibClang to parse C header files.

A performant, expressjs like web server / rest api framework thats easy to use and has all the bits in one place.

A native dart AMQP client supporting version 0.9.1 of the AMQP protocol. It features an asynchronous API, pluggable authentication providers and TLS support.

Unsplash provides free high-resolution photos. This is a client for their REST API.

i18n made easy for Flutter. With flutter_i18n you can make your app international, using just a simple .json file!

MongoDB driver, implemented in pure Dart. All CRUD operations, aggregation pipeline and more!

Flutter plugin of the Scanbot Scanner SDK for Android and iOS. Provides functionality like Document Scanning, QR and Barcode Scanning, PDF Creation, TIFF, OCR, etc.

Simple abstraction to be able to use SVGs in Android, iOS, and Web.

Create Preference Screens easily with advanced features and sub-pages

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