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the best app chat sdk in china, you can chat with the agent freely at anytime. the agent can chat with the visitor by web/pc/mac/ios/android client.

transform your flutter package with eventizer for asynchronous state management

Flutter plugin allows you to check the status of Airplane Mode on iOS and Android mobile.

A Flutter plugin project to provide group functionality with contacts using @‎platform.

A Flutter plugin project to share locations between two @‎signs and track them on OSM (OpenStreetMap).

A Flutter UI package,include action sheet,badge,button,check list,datetime picker, field,index list etc...

A map widget with live position updates. Provides a controller to manage the map state.

A library that allows Flutter to develop quickly, encapsulating everyday animated widget, and is in the process of updating

A Flutter package for easy implementation of chat composer.

A new Flutter countdown project that can be used to send SMS verification code scenarios

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