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Helpers for concurrency, message-passing, rotating loggers, and other production functionality in Angel.

Angel's basic data model class, no longer with the added weight of the whole framework.

Platform-agnostic pagination library, with custom support for the Angel framework.

Automatic YAML application configuration loader for Angel, with .env support.

Support for using pkg:angel_client with WebSockets. Designed for Angel.

Support for querying Angel servers in the browser, Flutter, and command-line.

Static annotations powering Angel model serialization. Combine with angel_serialize_generator for flexible modeling.

A complete authentication plugin for Angel. Includes support for stateless JWT tokens, Basic Auth, and more.

A powerful, isomorphic routing library for Dart. It is mainly used in the Angel framework, but can be used in Flutter and on the Web.

Helper infrastructure for building SEO-friendly Web backends in Angel.

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