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Date Range Pickers use a dialog window to select a range of date on mobile.

Range header parser for Dart. Beyond parsing, a stream transformer is included.

Getting appointments from a room on Exchange Server 2010+ using the EWS API. Simply use the email address of the room an get an array of appointments

A simple command-line application.

A starting point for Dart libraries or applications.

A flexible, highly composable alternative to ChangeNotifier for Flutter

Lazy and efficient 'range' iterables to generate values based on start, stop and step/count.

A Flutter package to create a widget which allows the user to use a date picker to input a DateRange into a FormField using showDateRangePicker.

a 2-thumb Material Design range slider for Flutter that allows a range selection

This Package use for auto change the unlimited text,Its support both Android and iOS,you can easily use.

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