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Pin code input (OTP) text field, Supports custom numpad. Password,Passcode,Captcha,Security,Coupon,Wowcher,2FA,Two step verification,two-factor authentication

Now you can add features to the Android / iOS keyboard in a very simple way.

Smart project structure with dependency injection and route management

Easily make Flutter apps responsive. Automatically adapt UI to different screen sizes. Responsiveness made simple.

A Flutter implementation of an expandable and animated floating search bar, also known as persistent search.

A Flutter ListView where the list items can be grouped into sections.

A Flutter package which implements a ConvexAppBar to show a convex tab in the bottom bar. Theming supported.

A flutter library to help with (Canvas) Path creation and manipulation

Flutter package to render html as widgets that focuses on correctness and extensibility.

The Flutter Calendar widget has nine built-in configurable views that provide basic functionalities for scheduling and representing appointments/events efficiently.

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