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a widget provided to the flutter scroll component drop-down refresh and pull up load.

Fancy pre-built animations that can easily be integrated into any Flutter application.

Render After Effects animations natively on Flutter. This package is a pure Dart implementation of a Lottie player.

A simple yet fully customizable ratingbar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.

A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size.Guaranteed to look good on different models

A flutter package for creating badges. Badges can be used for an additional marker for any widget, e.g. show a number of items in a shopping cart.

A flutter package which will help you to generate pin code fields. Can be useful for OTP for example.

Powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

Supercharged brings all the comfort features from languages like Kotlin to all Flutter developers.

A flutter package project which contains a collection of cool and beautiful text animations.