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A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size.Guaranteed to look good on different models

A flutter package which will help you to generate pin code fields. Can be useful for OTP for example.

A flutter package project which contains a collection of cool and beautiful text animations.

Easy and Fast internationalizing and localization your Flutter Apps, this package simplify the internationalizing process .

Highly customizable, feature-packed calendar widget for Flutter.

A Flutter Widget which helps nest multiple widgets without needing to manually nest them.

A flutter implementation of React hooks. It adds a new kind of widget with enhanced code reuse.

A Flutter widget that can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on a header or an icon.

Official extension image, support placeholder(loading)/ failed state, cache network, zoom/pan, photo view, slide out page, editor(crop,rotate,flip), painting etc.

Flutter integration for MobX. It provides a set of Observer widgets that automatically rebuild when the tracked observables change.