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A Flutter staggered grid view (masonry tiles) which supports multiple columns with rows of varying sizes

A multifunctional Flutter image widget. Supports placeholders, error widgets and image transformers with fading.

a widget provided to the flutter scroll component drop-down refresh and pull up load.

A Flutter plugin to play multiple audio files simultaneously

A simple yet fully customizable ratingbar for flutter which also include a rating bar indicator, supporting any fraction of rating.

Render After Effects animations natively on Flutter. This package is a pure Dart implementation of a Lottie player.

A flutter package for creating badges. Badges can be used for an additional marker for any widget, e.g. show a number of items in a shopping cart.

Powerful package to create beautiful custom animations in no time.

Supercharged brings all the comfort features from languages like Kotlin to all Flutter developers.

A flutter plugin for adapting screen and font size.Guaranteed to look good on different models