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⏩ A Flutter widget that scrolls text infinitely. Provides many customizations including custom scroll directions, durations, curves as well as pauses after every round.

A flutter package that helps copy text to clipboard and paste from clipboard.

A flutter library to help with (Canvas) Path creation and manipulation

A Flutter library that makes animation easer. It allows for separation of animation setup from the User Interface.

A minimalist Flutter framework for rapidly building custom designs.

A textField widget to help display different style pin written in pure dart, no extra dependency.

Toggle Switch - A simple toggle switch widget. It can be fully customized with desired icons, width, colors, text, corner radius etc. It also maintains selection state.

The Flutter gauges library includes a linear gauge and radial gauge (a.k.a. circular gauge) to create modern, interactive, animated gauges and radial sliders.

Flutter plugin to render PDF files on Web, MacOS, Android and iOS.

To develop apps using a framework following the MVC design pattern separating the app's 'interface' from its 'business logic' and from its 'data source' if any.