Like Dim, it is a packaged Tencent cloud im, so that flutter developers can easily inherit im to their own applications. This project is improved on the basis of dim plugin, because some functions are scarce or some functions are problematic. New requirements emerged and the plugin appeared.


If you haven't used Tencent Cloud before, please read this text carefully. If you already know Tencent Cloud im, you can pass it, but it is recommended to be familiar with the following.

Because this library is based on Tencent Cloud im, you need to go to cloud im to apply for an application. Read this article to get the following knowledge:

  1. How did appid come?

2, the account and its corresponding sig how to come, has been recommended sig generation method (of course this is the background students concerned).

Once you've figured this out, you can start using zxx_im.

Check out the Tencent Cloud Im documentation page: https://cloud.tencent.com/document/product/269


It's very easy to use, just introduce this library and you're ready to go.

Documentation and plugins continue to be updated.