Flutter interface for Zendesk Mobile SDK.

Android Integration

You must set a compatible theme theme in the AndroidManifest.xml file's <application> tag. The details are outlined on the zendesk forums.

The Android example of this shows the same details.

For Developers

The plugin is using Pigeon to generate all the interfaces needed. To modify the interfaces, edit zendesk.dart in the pigeons folder and run:

flutter pub run pigeon \
  --input pigeons/zendesk.dart \
  --dart_out lib/src/pigeon.dart \
  --objc_header_out ios/Classes/zendesk.pigeon.h \
  --objc_source_out ios/Classes/zendesk.pigeon.m \
  --java_out ./android/src/main/java/com/codeheadlabs/zendesk/ZendeskPigeon.java \
  --java_package "com.codeheadlabs.zendesk.pigeon"