list method Null safety

Future<VideoListResponse> list(
  1. {String part = 'snippet,status,contentDetails',
  2. List<String> partList = const [],
  3. String? chart,
  4. String? id,
  5. String? myRating,
  6. bool? hl,
  7. int? maxHeight,
  8. int? maxResults,
  9. int? maxWidth,
  10. String? onBehalfOfContentOwner,
  11. String? pageToken,
  12. String? regionCode,
  13. String? videoCategoryId}

Uploads a VideoItem to YouTube and optionally sets the video's metadata.


Future<VideoListResponse> list(
    {String part = 'snippet,status,contentDetails',
    List<String> partList = const [],
    String? chart,
    String? id,
    String? myRating,
    bool? hl,
    int? maxHeight,
    int? maxResults,
    int? maxWidth,
    String? onBehalfOfContentOwner,
    String? pageToken,
    String? regionCode,
    String? videoCategoryId}) async {
  return await _rest.list(_authHeader, accept, buildParts(partList, part),
      chart: chart,
      id: id,
      myRating: myRating,
      hl: hl,
      maxHeight: maxHeight,
      maxResults: maxResults,
      maxWidth: maxWidth,
      onBehalfOfContentOwner: onBehalfOfContentOwner,
      pageToken: pageToken,
      regionCode: regionCode,
      videoCategoryId: videoCategoryId);