Events class Null safety

Handlers for events fired by the player.



Events({PlayerEventHandler<PlayerEvent> onReady, PlayerEventHandler<OnStateChangeEvent> onStateChange, PlayerEventHandler<OnPlaybackQualityChangeEvent> onPlaybackQualityChange, PlayerEventHandler<OnPlaybackRateChangeEvent> onPlaybackRateChange, PlayerEventHandler<OnErrorEvent> onError, PlayerEventHandler<PlayerEvent> onApiChange})


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onApiChange PlayerEventHandler<PlayerEvent>
Event fired to indicate thath the player has loaded, or unloaded, a module with exposed API methods. This currently only occurs for closed captioning.
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onError PlayerEventHandler<OnErrorEvent>
Event fired when an error in the player occurs
read / write
onPlaybackQualityChange PlayerEventHandler<OnPlaybackQualityChangeEvent>
Event fired when the playback quality of the player changes.
read / write
onPlaybackRateChange PlayerEventHandler<OnPlaybackRateChangeEvent>
Event fired when the playback rate of the player changes.
read / write
onReady PlayerEventHandler<PlayerEvent>
Event fired when a player has finished loading and is ready to begin receiving API calls.
read / write
onStateChange PlayerEventHandler<OnStateChangeEvent>
Event fired when the player's state changes.
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