YouTube Extractor


YouTube Extractor is a library for Dart (and Flutter) that provides an interface to resolve and download YouTube video and audio streams. This library is being primarily developed to provide YouTube support for the mobile SoundByte apps.

YouTube Extractor is a port of YouTubeExplode for Dart (minus some extra features that were not needed).


  • Download YouTube audio and video streams.
  • Access the YouTube live steaming url.


YouTube Extractor has a single entry point, the YouTubeExtractor class. See the example folder for more information.

Get an audio stream

import 'package:youtube_extractor/youtube_extractor.dart';

var extractor = YouTubeExtractor();

main() async {
  // Get the stream info for the passed video
  var streamInfo = await extractor.getMediaStreamsAsync('a1ExYqrBJio');
  // Print the audio stream url
  print('Audio URL: ${}');