parseString method Null safety

List<XmlDeclaration>? parseString(
  1. String string,
  2. {bool trimWhitespace = true,
  3. int start = 0,
  4. int? stop}

Returns a list of every XML declaration found in string. string must not be null.

If trimWhitespace is true, unnecessary whitespace between nodes will be removed and all remaining whitespace will be replaced with a single space. trimWhitespace must not be null.

start and stop refer to the indexes of the identified XML declarations Only matches found between start and stop will be returned. start must not be null and must be >= 0. stop may be null, but must be >= start if provided.

Returns null if no XML declarations were found.


static List<XmlDeclaration>? parseString(
  String string, {
  bool trimWhitespace = true,
  int start = 0,
  int? stop,
}) {
  assert(start >= 0);
  assert(stop == null || stop >= start);

  return StringParser.parse<XmlDeclaration>(
    input: string,
    delimiter: Delimiters.xmlDeclaration,
    getNode: _getDeclaration,
    trimWhitespace: trimWhitespace,
    start: start,
    stop: stop,