parseEvents function

Iterable<XmlEvent> parseEvents(
  1. String input,
  2. {XmlEntityMapping entityMapping = const XmlDefaultEntityMapping.xml()}

Returns an Iterable of XmlEvent instances over the provided String.

Iteration can throw an XmlParserException, if the input is malformed and cannot be properly parsed. However, otherwise no validation is performed and iteration can be resumed even after an error. The parsing is simply retried at the next possible input position.

Iteration is lazy, meaning that none of the input is parsed and none of the events are created unless requested.

The iterator terminates when the complete input is consumed.

For example, to print all trimmed non-empty text elements one would write:

parseEvents(bookstoreXml) .whereType


Iterable<XmlEvent> parseEvents(String input,
        {XmlEntityMapping entityMapping =
            const XmlDefaultEntityMapping.xml()}) =>
    XmlEventIterable(input, entityMapping);