functional library


branch<P>(BranchTest<P> test, FunctionalComponent<P> left, FunctionalComponent<P> right) FunctionalComponent<P>
branch returns the left or right FunctionalComponent depending on the outcome of test [...]
createEventHandler<P, E>(EventHandlerFactory<P, E> eventHandlerFactory) EventHandlerFactory<P, E>
memoizes an event handler [...]
lifecycle<P>({ComponentWillMount<P> componentWillMount, ComponentDidMount<P> componentDidMount, ComponentWillReceiveProps<P> componentWillReceiveProps, ShouldComponentUpdate<P> shouldComponentUpdate, ComponentWillUpdate<P> componentWillUpdate, ComponentDidUpdate<P> componentDidUpdate, ComponentWillUnmount<P> componentWillUnmount}) ComponentEnhancer<P, P>
lifecycle will call the react lifecycle functions provided. [...]
pure<P>(FunctionalComponent<P> baseComponent) FunctionalComponent<P>
pure is a component enchancer that wraps you component in one with a pure should component update function. This means your component will not render unless your props object != the last props object. You should make sure if your props are not a primitive type that your props object overrides == such that it returns true if and only if all of its values are different [...]
withContext<InnerP, OutterP>(ContextMapper<InnerP, OutterP> mapper) ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>
withContext with pass a context to baseComponent
withHistory<InnerP, OutterP>(HistoryMapper<InnerP, OutterP> mapper) ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>
withHistory will transform the props with the mapper funtion provided before invoking baseComponent the mapper function is passed an instance of History. This should only be used if the component has an ancestor of type HistoryProvider
withProps<InnerP, OutterP>(PropMapper<InnerP, OutterP> mapper) ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>
withProps will transform the props with the mapper funtion provider before invokeing baseComponent [...]
withRef<InnerP, OutterP>(RefMapper<InnerP, OutterP> mapper) ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>
withRef with pass a ref to the dom element to baseComponent
withState<InnerP, S, SS, OutterP>({S defaultState, StateSetterFactory<InnerP, S, SS> stateSetterFactory, StateMapper<InnerP, S, SS, OutterP> mapper, UpdateKind updateKind = UpdateKind.animationFrame}) ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>
withState will let you map your props, given the recieved props, the state, and a state setter that executes with the update type specified




BranchTest<P>(P props) bool
BranchTest is a function that decides given the props which FunctionalComponent to return return true to take the left branch or false to take the right branch
ComponentDidMount<P>(P props) → void
ComponentDidUpdate<P>(P prevProps, P props) → void
ComponentEnhancer<InnerP, OutterP>(FunctionalComponent<OutterP> baseComponent) FunctionalComponent<InnerP>
ComponentEnhancer is function that given a FunctionalComponent that accepts OutterP props and returns a FunctionalComponent that accepts InnerP props
ComponentWillMount<P>(P props) → void
ComponentWillReceiveProps<P>(P props, P nextProps) → void
ComponentWillUnmount<P>(P props) → void
ComponentWillUpdate<P>(P props, P nextProps) → void
ContextMapper<InnerP, OutterP>(InnerP props, Map<String, dynamic> context) → OutterP
EventHandlerFactory<P, T>(P p) EventHandler<T>
FunctionalComponent<P>(P props) VNode
FunctionalComponent is a function that given props yields a VNode
HistoryMapper<InnerP, OutterP>(InnerP props, History history) → OutterP
PropMapper<P, T>(P props) → T
PropMapper takes a props object of type P and returns a props object of type T
RefMapper<InnerP, OutterP>(InnerP props, Node ref) → OutterP
SetState<P, S>(StateSetter<P, S> newState) → void
ShouldComponentUpdate<P>(P props, P nextProps) bool
StateMapper<InnerP, S, SS, OutterP>(InnerP props, S state, SS stateSetters) → OutterP
StateSetterFactory<InnerP, S, SS>(SetState<InnerP, S> setState) → SS