Word Search

A word search puzzle generator built with dart

Example Usage

import 'package:word_search/word_search.dart';

 * The main file to test out the word search library
void main() {
  print('Word Search Library!');

  // Create a list of words to be jumbled into a puzzle
  final List<String> wl = ['hello', 'world', 'foo', 'bar', 'baz', 'dart'];

  // Create the puzzle sessting object
  final WSSettings ws = WSSettings(
    width: 10,
    height: 10,
    orientations: List.from([

  // Create new instance of the WordSearch class
  final WordSearch wordSearch = WordSearch();

  // Create a new puzzle
  final WSNewPuzzle newPuzzle = wordSearch.newPuzzle(wl, ws);

  /// Check if there are errors generated while creating the puzzle
  if (newPuzzle.errors.isEmpty) {
    // The puzzle output
    print('Puzzle 2D List');

    // Solve puzzle for given word list
    final WSSolved solved =
        wordSearch.solvePuzzle(newPuzzle.puzzle, ['dart', 'word']);
    // All found words by solving the puzzle
    print('Found Words!');
    solved.found.forEach((element) {
      print('word: ${element.word}, orientation: ${element.orientation}');
      print('x:${element.x}, y:${element.y}');

    // All words that could not be found
    print('Not found Words!');
    solved.notFound.forEach((element) {
      print('word: ${element}');
  } else {
    // Notify the user of the errors
    newPuzzle.errors.forEach((error) {

Example Output

Word Search output


This library uses test_coverage testing library.

To run tests

pub run test_coverage

To view coverage report

genhtml -o coverage coverage/lcov.info

Note: If you do not have genhtml on your command line you can use brew install lcov on mac.