Wizard Builder Widget

A Flutter widget for building a wizards UI.


  • Create a wizard page by extending a widget from a WizardPage and WizardState. These exposes a onPush(), onPop() and onCloseWizard() method, which can be used in the wizard page.
  • Next create a WizardBuilder
  • Inject a navigation key
  • Inject the list of wizard pages
  • The WizardBuilder wil navigate to the firt wizard page in the list.
  • When calling onPush() on the last wizard page the WizardBuilder wil close.
  pages: [
    (_) => PageOne(),
    (_) => WizardBuilder(
      pages: [
        (_) => PageTwo(),
        (_) => WizardBuilder(
              pages: [
                (_) => PageThree(),
                (_) => PageFour(closeOnNavigate: true),
        (_) => PageTwo()
    (_) => PageOne(),
    (_) => PageFour(),


  • option for showing back/close button on first page
  • x correct android onbackpress button behavior
  • x nested pages (or by [][] or by adding another Widgetbuilder)
  • exposing page transistions
  • ability to pass arguments/parameters to a page from the nextPage()
  • create unit tests


Please file any issues, bugs or feature requests as an issue on our GitHub page. Commercial support is available, you can contact us at bart.kuipers@baku-apps.com.


This WizardBuilder widget for Flutter is developed by BaKu-apps.