toWideCharArray method Null safety

Pointer<Utf16> toWideCharArray()

Packs a List of Dart Strings into a native memory block. Each String is terminated by a null with a double null to represent the end of the list. The resulting format is that required to write a list of values to the registry.

It is the responsibility of the caller to free the returned pointer.


Pointer<Utf16> toWideCharArray() {
  var size = 0;

  // calculate the amount of memory we need to store
  // all of the strings.
  for (final value in this) {
    size += value.length + 1;

  /// Allow room for a terminating null after last value

  final pArray = wsalloc(size);
  final ptr = pArray.cast<Uint16>().asTypedList(size);

  var index = 0;
  for (final value in this) {
    final units = value.codeUnits;

    ptr.setAll(index, units);
    ptr[index + units.length] = 0;

    index += value.length + 1;
  ptr[index] = 0;

  return pArray;