shcore Topic

Windows Shell Core APIs

Core shell functions such as DPI scaling.


GetDpiForMonitor(int hmonitor, int dpiType, Pointer<Uint32> dpiX, Pointer<Uint32> dpiY) int shcore
Queries the dots per inch (dpi) of a display.
GetProcessDpiAwareness(int hprocess, Pointer<Int32> value) int shcore
Retrieves the dots per inch (dpi) awareness of the specified process.
GetScaleFactorForMonitor(int hMon, Pointer<Int32> pScale) int shcore
Gets the scale factor of a specific monitor.
SetProcessDpiAwareness(int value) int shcore
Sets the process-default DPI awareness level. This is equivalent to calling SetProcessDpiAwarenessContext with the corresponding DPI_AWARENESS_CONTEXT value.