bthprops Topic

Common Controls Library

Implements a wide variety of standard Windows controls, such as File Open, Save, and Save As dialogs, progress bars, and list views. It creates and manages the windows for these UI elements, places various graphic elements within them, and collects user input.


BluetoothAuthenticateDeviceEx(int hwndParentIn, int hRadioIn, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdiInout, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_OOB_DATA_INFO> pbtOobData, int authenticationRequirement) int bthprops
The BluetoothAuthenticateDeviceEx function sends an authentication request to a remote Bluetooth device. Additionally, this function allows for out-of-band data to be passed into the function call for the device being authenticated. [...]
BluetoothDisplayDeviceProperties(int hwndParent, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi) int bthprops
The BluetoothDisplayDeviceProperties function opens the Control Panel device information property sheet. [...]
BluetoothEnableDiscovery(int hRadio, int fEnabled) int bthprops
The BluetoothEnableDiscovery function changes the discovery state of a local Bluetooth radio or radios. [...]
BluetoothEnableIncomingConnections(int hRadio, int fEnabled) int bthprops
The BluetoothEnableIncomingConnections function modifies whether a local Bluetooth radio accepts incoming connections. [...]
BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices(int hRadio, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi, Pointer<Uint32> pcServiceInout, Pointer<GUID> pGuidServices) int bthprops
The BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices function enumerates the services GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) enabled on a Bluetooth device. [...]
BluetoothFindDeviceClose(int hFind) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindDeviceClose function closes an enumeration handle associated with a device query. [...]
BluetoothFindFirstDevice(Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_SEARCH_PARAMS> pbtsp, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindFirstDevice function begins the enumeration Bluetooth devices. [...]
BluetoothFindFirstRadio(Pointer<BLUETOOTH_FIND_RADIO_PARAMS> pbtfrp, Pointer<IntPtr> phRadio) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindFirstRadio function begins the enumeration of local Bluetooth radios. [...]
BluetoothFindNextDevice(int hFind, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindNextDevice function finds the next Bluetooth device. [...]
BluetoothFindNextRadio(int hFind, Pointer<IntPtr> phRadio) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindNextRadio function finds the next Bluetooth radio. [...]
BluetoothFindRadioClose(int hFind) int bthprops
The BluetoothFindRadioClose function closes the enumeration handle associated with finding Bluetooth radios. [...]
BluetoothGetRadioInfo(int hRadio, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_RADIO_INFO> pRadioInfo) int bthprops
The BluetoothGetRadioInfo function obtains information about a Bluetooth radio. [...]
BluetoothIsConnectable(int hRadio) int bthprops
The BluetoothIsConnectable function determines whether a Bluetooth radio or radios is connectable. [...]
BluetoothIsDiscoverable(int hRadio) int bthprops
The BluetoothIsDiscoverable function determines whether a Bluetooth radio or radios is discoverable. [...]
BluetoothIsVersionAvailable(int MajorVersion, int MinorVersion) int bthprops
The BluetoothIsVersionAvailable function indicates if the installed Bluetooth binary set supports the requested version. [...]
BluetoothRegisterForAuthenticationEx(Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdiIn, Pointer<IntPtr> phRegHandleOut, Pointer<NativeFunction<PfnAuthenticationCallbackEx>> pfnCallbackIn, Pointer<NativeType> pvParam) int bthprops
The BluetoothRegisterForAuthenticationEx function registers an application for a pin request, numeric comparison and callback function. [...]
BluetoothRemoveDevice(Pointer<BLUETOOTH_ADDRESS> pAddress) int bthprops
The BluetoothRemoveDevice function removes authentication between a Bluetooth device and the computer and clears cached service information for the device. [...]
BluetoothSetServiceState(int hRadio, Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi, Pointer<GUID> pGuidService, int dwServiceFlags) int bthprops
The BluetoothSetServiceState function enables or disables services for a Bluetooth device. [...]
BluetoothUnregisterAuthentication(int hRegHandle) int bthprops
The BluetoothUnregisterAuthentication function removes registration for a callback routine that was previously registered with a call to the BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication function. [...]
BluetoothUpdateDeviceRecord(Pointer<BLUETOOTH_DEVICE_INFO> pbtdi) int bthprops
The BluetoothUpdateDeviceRecord function updates the local computer cache about a Bluetooth device. [...]