This plugin allows Flutter apps to get wifi ssid and list, connect wifi with ssid and password.

This plugin works Android.

iOS later released.

Sample usage to check current status:

import 'package:wifi/wifi.dart';

String ssid = await Wifi.ssid;

//Signal strength, 1-3,The bigger the number, the stronger the signal
int level = await Wifi.level;

String ip = await Wifi.ip;

var result = await Wifi.connection('ssid', 'password');

// only work on Android.
List<WifiResult> list = await Wifi.list('key'); // this key is used to filter

When you use connection on iOS (iOS 11 only)

  1. 'build Phass' -> 'Link Binay With Libraries' add 'NetworkExtension.framework' NetworkExtension

  2. in 'Capabilities' open 'Hotspot Configuration'


  3. If you device is iOS12, in 'Capabilities' open 'Access WiFi Information'


If you want to use Wifi.list on iOS,

reference http://baixin.io/2017/01/iOS_Wifilist/

Getting Started

For help getting started with Flutter, view our online documentation.

For help on editing plugin code, view the documentation.