IntField.range constructor Null safety

  1. int min,
  2. int max,
  3. {bool trim = false,
  4. FormFieldValidator<String>? validator,
  5. String? blank,
  6. String? malformed,
  7. String? small,
  8. String? large,
  9. String? initialValue,
  10. TextEditingController? controller,
  11. InputDecoration? decoration,
  12. TextInputAction? textInputAction,
  13. TextStyle? style,
  14. TextDirection? textDirection,
  15. TextAlign textAlign = TextAlign.start,
  16. bool readOnly = false,
  17. String obscuringCharacter = '•',
  18. bool obscureText = false,
  19. bool autocorrect = true,
  20. int? maxLength,
  21. ValueChanged<String>? onChanged,
  22. VoidCallback? onEditingComplete,
  23. ValueChanged<String>? onFieldSubmitted,
  24. FormFieldSetter<String>? onSaved,
  25. bool? enabled,
  26. EdgeInsets scrollPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(20.0),
  27. bool enableInteractiveSelection = true,
  28. AutovalidateMode? autovalidateMode,
  29. Key? key}

Constrains data to integer numbers within the range min–max.

min the smallest valid integer number; it must be < max. max the largest valid integer number; it must be > min. trim whether or not to trim the input value. validator an optional extra validation step. blank the error message in case of blank field; if omitted, the field malformed the error message for non-integer input values. small the error message if an input integer number is too small. large the error message if an input interger number is too large.


  int min,
  int max, {
  bool trim = false,
  FormFieldValidator<String>? validator,
  String? blank,
  String? malformed,
  String? small,
  String? large,
  String? initialValue,
  TextEditingController? controller,
  InputDecoration? decoration,
  TextInputAction? textInputAction,
  TextStyle? style,
  TextDirection? textDirection,
  TextAlign textAlign = TextAlign.start,
  bool readOnly = false,
  String obscuringCharacter = '•',
  bool obscureText = false,
  bool autocorrect = true,
  int? maxLength,
  ValueChanged<String>? onChanged,
  VoidCallback? onEditingComplete,
  ValueChanged<String>? onFieldSubmitted,
  FormFieldSetter<String>? onSaved,
  bool? enabled,
  EdgeInsets scrollPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(20.0),
  bool enableInteractiveSelection = true,
  AutovalidateMode? autovalidateMode,
  Key? key,
}) : this(
        validator: Pair.str(
          Int.range(min, max, small: small, large: large),
          validator ?? _dummy,
        malformed: malformed,
        blank: blank,
        trim: trim,
        controller: controller,
        initialValue: initialValue,
        decoration: decoration,
        textInputAction: textInputAction,
        style: style,
        textDirection: textDirection,
        textAlign: textAlign,
        readOnly: readOnly,
        obscuringCharacter: obscuringCharacter,
        obscureText: obscureText,
        autocorrect: autocorrect,
        maxLength: maxLength,
        onChanged: onChanged,
        onEditingComplete: onEditingComplete,
        onFieldSubmitted: onFieldSubmitted,
        onSaved: onSaved,
        enabled: enabled,
        scrollPadding: scrollPadding,
        enableInteractiveSelection: enableInteractiveSelection,
        autovalidateMode: autovalidateMode,
        key: key,