BrPhoneField class Null safety

Plano Brasileiro de Numeração de Telefones Fixos.

Brazilian Landline Numbering Plan.

Brazil's telephone numbering plan uses a two-digit area code plus eight-digit local telephone numbers for landlines. Typically, a number is masked as (AA) NNNN-NNNN, where AA = area code and N = digit 0–9. For example:

  • unmasked (plain) number: "1124654321".
  • unmasked with country code prefix: "+551124654321".
  • masked number: "(11) 2465-4321".




BrPhoneField({bool trim = false, bool strip = true, String? malformed, String? blank, FormFieldValidator<String>? validator, String? initialValue, TextEditingController? controller, InputDecoration? decoration = const InputDecoration(), TextInputAction? textInputAction, TextStyle? style, TextDirection? textDirection, TextAlign textAlign = TextAlign.start, bool readOnly = false, String obscuringCharacter = '•', bool obscureText = false, bool autocorrect = true, int? maxLength, ValueChanged<String>? onChanged, VoidCallback? onEditingComplete, ValueChanged<String>? onFieldSubmitted, FormFieldSetter<String>? onSaved, bool? enabled, EdgeInsets scrollPadding = const EdgeInsets.all(20.0), bool enableInteractiveSelection = true, AutovalidateMode? autovalidateMode, Key? key})
Brazilian Phone Numbers Form Field. [...]


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build(BuildContext context) BasicTextField
Builds a BasicTextField suitable for Brazilian phone numbers.
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