runJavascriptReturningResult method

Future<String> runJavascriptReturningResult(
  1. String javaScriptString

Runs the given JavaScript in the context of the current page, and returns the result.

On Android returns the evaluation result as a JSON formatted string.

On iOS depending on the value type the return value would be one of:

  • For primitive JavaScript types: the value string formatted (e.g JavaScript 100 returns '100').
  • For JavaScript arrays of supported types: a string formatted NSArray (e.g '(1,2,3), note that the string for NSArray is formatted and might contain newlines and extra spaces.').

The Future completes with an error if a JavaScript error occurred, or if the type the given expression evaluates to is unsupported. Unsupported values include certain non primitive types on iOS, as well as undefined or null on iOS 14+.

When evaluating JavaScript in a WebView, it is best practice to wait for the WebView.onPageFinished callback. This guarantees all the JavaScript embedded in the main frame HTML has been loaded.


Future<String> runJavascriptReturningResult(String javaScriptString) {
  if (_settings.javascriptMode == JavascriptMode.disabled) {
    return Future<String>.error(FlutterError(
        'JavaScript mode must be enabled/unrestricted when calling runJavascriptReturningResult.'));
  return _webViewPlatformController