HtmlWebSocketChannel.connect constructor

  1. dynamic url,
  2. {Iterable<String> protocols,
  3. BinaryType binaryType}

Creates a new WebSocket connection.

Connects to url using new WebSocket and returns a channel that can be used to communicate over the resulting socket. The url may be either a String or a Uri. The protocols parameter is the same as for new WebSocket.

The binaryType parameter controls what type is used for binary messages received by this socket. It defaults to BinaryType.list, which causes binary messages to be delivered as Uint8Lists. If it's BinaryType.blob, they're delivered as Blobs instead.


    {Iterable<String> protocols, BinaryType binaryType})
    : this(WebSocket(url.toString(), protocols)
        ..binaryType = (binaryType ?? BinaryType.list).value);